Nearest Places To Visit


Diveagar Beach

Diveagar aka Dive Agar is located in, Raigad district of Maharashtra which is near about 170 kms South of Mumbai, is scarsely populated and pretty clean, tidy and peaceful. Water sports and parasailing is also available at Diveagar beach. Diveagar beach is not a flat beach unlike the other beaches in this region and owing to it Diveagar is quite a wavy beach making playing in the surf quite fun in Diveagar.


Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar lies at the southern end of Raigad beaches on the banks of Bagmandala creek which seperates Harihareshwar from Ratnagiri. There are two beaches in Harihareshwar, one towards the right side of the temple and another beach which is towards the south of the hill. Harihareshwar has a rocky beach and one should be very careful while venturing into the sea.


Rupnarayan Mandir Diveagar

Rupanarayan temple is located very close to the Diveagar beach on the way to the beach and the temple is decicated to Vishnu. Idol in the temple is very old and it is a form of Dashavatar. Idol in the Rupnarayan mandir is old but looks very beautifully carved in black sagamravari Rock.


Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple

Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple is a temple of great significance owing to its 300 years old idol of Lord Ganesha also referred to as Suvarnaganesha. The idol is famed as it is crafted with 24 carat pure gold and measures to be 60 cm tall and weighs as 1.3


Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira the sea fortress built on an island 500m off Murud, has the distiction of never being defeated in a war despite numerous attempts by the Portuguese, the British and the Marathas. One of the few forts which eluded Shivaji Maharaj even after repeated attempts Murud Janjira is still one of the most well preserved sea forts in Maharashtra.


bankot Fort

Situated in Bagmandala close to Diveagar about 4 km away, Bankot Fort is place for history buffs. It is said that the fort was captured by the Portuguese from Adil Shah in 1545 and was later acquired by Marathas.


Phansad Bird Sanctuary

A paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is place that offers various species of animals, birds, plants and reptiles with a natural habitat. Though referred to as a bird sanctuary, the Pansad Bird Sanctuary also houses many amphibians, insects and mammals. This one isn't flocked with people and hence is a quiet and calm place to visit. The lush greenery and diverse fauna rejuvenates one's mind. A walk through the park, inhaling the fragrance of the clean and rich foliage and hearing the sounds of nature make sure that the experience is one of a kind.


Ganesh Gully

As the name suggests, this is a gulley - a narrow (just 3 feet) passage - between two rocky mountains. At the end of the gully, there is an idol of Lord Ganesh atop the revered niche which is usually submerged 30 feet in water. When the tide is low, it is said that tourists can catch a glimpse of the idol.


Shopping Place

For shopping the village, there is almost next to nothing except beetle nuts and products made from coconut coir. Apart from that the place is a paradise for nature lovers but a big downer for shopaholics.